Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What Do Cruisers Do All Day?

Marathon, Florida
24 42.40 081 N 05.68 W 

Let me count the ways.

  1. Sunday, lunch with friends.
  2. Monday, Dick volunteer a the library.  Dinner with friends.
  3. Tuesday, lunch with visitors from Schenectady.
  4. Wednesday, Libby volunteer at the library.  Pot luck dinner at the marina, Libby does Tai Chi with Bob & Sandra.
  5. Thursday, movie night at the Tiki Hut
  6. Friday, SSCA luncheon
  7. Saturday, farmer's market
  8. Sunday, I clean the bottom of the dinghy, Libby does laundry, we both fill the water tanks.
  9. Softball once per week, tennis every day
  10. Bacci ball once per week
  11. Yoga three times per week.
  12. Tuesdays: seminars and courses on things nautical
  13. Community Theater, amateur plays.  Bob  & Sandra volunteer there
  14. Star gazing.  We try to catch every ISS flyover and every Irridium Flash
  15. Fishing, snorkeling, bathing at the beach.
  16. Every third week, mosey on down to Burdines to buy gasoline for the generator and the outboard.
  17. There are numerous restaurants in town with great $5 lunch menues.
  18. People go to Dockside or Burdines at night for a few beers and live music.  Both places can be reached by dinghy.
  19. Libby's Pine Needle Basket class on Mondays, other crafts at the marina on Tuesdays.
  20. Ham radio club, Great Loop Cruiser's Club, Toastmasters Club.
  21. Book discussions and lectures at the library.  Nature films at a local church.
  22. On the cruiser's net, people make open invitations for mexican train dominoes, or Balderdash games.
  23. Last Sunday was a Superbowl party at the marina.
  24. Blah blah, many more.
All the above are in addition to boat projects.  My list of to-do projects it bottomless.

Do you remember the Eileen Quinn song, Tarpit Harbor?   Her lyrics were dead on.


Well the holding is good 
and the water's pretty clean 
it's an easy dinghy ashore 
the French bread is fresh 
and the laundry is cheap 
there's a well stocked hardware store 
feels so familiar, almost like home 
and I can't quite remember
what I left home for 

Tarpit Harbour
has sucked down my anchor
and with it my will to be free
there's some what goes sailing
I seem to go anchoring 
stuck in the muck this side of the sea.

Monday there's movies 
Tuesdays the potluck
Wednesdays I play volleyball
there's the luncheon on Thursday 
happy hour Fridays 
Saturday the market's 
got my favorite stall
Sundays I look at my list of boat projects
then lie down and try to recover from it all

Chorus: tarpit harbour ....

well I'd have been long gone 
if I hadn't been waiting
on boat parts from overseas
now my tools are all rusted 
autopilot's busted
and the freezer refuses to freeze
but I would have remedied 
all of these problems 
if I wasn't so busy shooting the breeze 

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  1. We've been considering a winter south next year...keep posts like this coming and the anchorage may be home to Whipporwill again. We've had an easy winter but shore life gets too cluttered at times.

    Loren & Betsy
    SV Whippoorwill


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