Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beaufort Beauty

Beaufort, SC
32 25.84 N 080 40.30 W

Walking the streets of the old neighborhoods in Beaufort is delightful. Rather than post an album of dozens of photos of the lovely antebellum houses, below are four shots of one particularly charming house.

The Spanish moss on the live oak trees is wonderful.
Strictly speaking, brick houses are not Antebellum, but it fits anyhow.
Note even the sleepy cocker spaniel napping by the front door.

Even in the back yard is this perfect little girl's play house under the live oak tree.

This picture is not Beaufort, but rather Labelle, Florida. Nevertheless, it illustrates Southern sensibilities very well. In the Northeast this is called a speed bump. In Sweden it is called a fart hinder (no kidding, the literal translation is "speed hindrance"). Both of those are too direct for southern sensibilities. Traffic Calming Area is just indirect enough to suit the locals.

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  1. Ah, Beaufort. We love it there. We've even signed up to get realty notices from there. But we stopped at Isle of Hope, though, just outside Savannah. The whole low country is simply beautiful. Enjoy!


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