Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cruiser Signs

Saint Augustine
23 53.19 N 081 18.20 W

I just learned about something very cool.  Something that I never suspected before.  Hobos have a system of signs, actually glyphs, that they use to signal other hobos about this place.  Obviously they are designed so that nobody except hobos understands them.

I think it would be marvelous to develop a similar set of signs for cruising boaters.  We have the same motivations and the same needs as hobos.  (Although I hope the comparison ends there.)

Of course, we might need to be a little creative on where we put the signs.  We can't write on the surface of the water.  We might write on day marker pilings, but we usually don't get close enough to those things to be able to study the glyphs.

If you have suggestions, for cruiser signs.  What signs?  Where to put them?  Let me know.  We could make this a collaborative effort.

Hobo or tramp markings at Algiers entrance to Canal Street Ferry across Mississippi River, New Orleans

Below are some sample signs from "Hobo Signs by Stan Richards & Associates"  You dan find a much larger hobo sign dictionary here

Here's a suggestion for my first cruiser code. It means, bathroom code 1-2-2-1

p.s. We'll be staying in Saint Augistine for two days, hiding out from northerly winds.  After that we may go outside and make a run for Beaufort, SC.  If so, we'll miss Fernandina on this trip.  Sorry.

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