Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cumberland Island
30 45.98 N 081 28.38 W

Despite what I said earlier, we did get both Saint Augustine and Cumberland Island stopovers. Hooray.

Yesterday we walked the trails and beaches on Cumberland Island. What food for the soul.  For us, it is as soothing as our beloved Valcour Island.

Cumberland Island is a true paradise.  I recommend it to anyone, cruiser or not, to visit this place.  If you do not have your own boat, you can get a ferry to Cumberland at Saint Mary's Georgia.  The best part of the island is toward the northern end.  Unfortunately, it always seems inconvenient to go there as compared to the southern end.  Too bad.

What will you see on Cumberland?  Forests of live oak and palmetto.  Wonderful trials.  Spectacular barrier dunes and a world class beach with about 1/2 mile beach front per person.   You may see wild horses, armadillos, alligators and black snakes.  Bird songs abound.

Today we go to sea, no more waiting.  It seems like a wonderful 5-day long window.  However, we only need one day to get to Beaufort, SC.  We'll waste time there and arrive in Charleston on Friday.

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