Monday, April 09, 2012

Frustration and Uncertainty

En Route, ICW
28 44.00 N 080 53.22 W

Yesterday we met our friends Dave and Johnnie at Cocoa Rockledge.  Our intention was to have a cool drink.  However, I forgot  that it was Easter Sunday.   The only place in town that wasn't closed turned out to be a gay bar.  Whoops.  We didn't stay long in that place -- about 3 seconds.   No worry, after a short search we found an ice cream stand.

We were planning on meeting them closer to their house near the Eau Gallie bridge.  But that would have meant a wait of several hours.   I thought we were stuck until Libby suggested moving the starting place.  It is a common error we make all the time.  To us, the 15 miles difference between Eau Gallie and Cocoa means three hours travel.  However, to those coming by car, the difference in driving time is trivial.

We told Dave and Johnnie that we would be going out to sea this morning.  That was our plan. We would leave from Port Canaveral.   Alas, this morning brought an unfavorable weather forecast for that.  We're stuck on the ICW for several more days.

Regular readers know that we sing this song almost every year.  We want so badly to go on the outside (to sea) but the weather keeps us on the ICW.  We could wait for better weather, but there's no telling how long that might be.  We need to be in Charleston in 12 days, so we have only finite time to waste.  Such is the life of a cruising sailor.  Given ideal weather, we could be in Charleston in 36 hours, but given adverse weather we have to rush to get there in 12 days.

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