Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Neck in The Neuse

The Neuse River
35 01.88 N 076 58.32 W

What a contrast!  After getting rocked and rolled for 24 hours out at sea, last night's anchorage in Adams Creek was perfectly still and silent.   We watched an ISS flyby and saw an Iridium Flare.  The sky was beautiful with a new moon right next to Venus.

Today, we're heading for the New Bern Grand Marina.  I hope to sign up for a month at a slip.   We like New Bern and we like even more the ability to go and visit Dave and Cathy.   Sometime, a few weeks from now, we'll go up on the hard to paint the bottom; probably in Oriental.

Sten-Orjan found this place to relax this morning.  As you can see, my advice to him one month ago to bring clothes for hot weather could not have been more wrong.  Oh well, these Swedes are used to teh cold aren't they?


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