Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Intrepid Sailors

At Sea
34 13.78 N 077 10.50 w

My fears proved to be unfounded. The seas were a we uncomfortable leaving Little River, but otherwise, no problem. The winds have been mostly 15-20. Just ideal.

We crossed Frying Pan Shoals last night at 2300. No problem there.

It got cold last night but not as bad as the forecast said. I'm sure it is because of the moderating effect of the ocean waters. With the three of us, we stood two hour watches, and that worked well.

The only real problem has been that the latch that holds one of our pilot berths open broken. That makes us one bunk short at a time when we have one extra crewman. Oh well, we'll manage. There's always something that breaks.

We should arrive at Beaufort this afternoon at peak ebb tide. Too bad, we'll just have to fight it.

All in all, it has been a very nice passage. Good experience I'm sure for Sten-Orjan.

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