Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Suit of Clothes for Tarwathie

New Bern, NC
35 05.91 N 077 01.95 W

No, not a new suit of sails, a new suit of clothes.  See the picture.  For more than a year, Libby wanted a new set of covers for our cabin cushions.  The old ones we used for 7 years, plus who knows how many other years with the previous owner.   The cushions are fine, but the covers were worn.

In Saint Augustine, Libby got a great bargain at the Sailor's exchange, buying Sunbrella fabric for $4/yard.  Then she arranged with Wendy (of Jeff&Wendy fame on board W32 Calypso), to sew the covers.  Yesterday, Jeff & Wendy came to dinner and they delivered the new covers.  They are nice, very nice indeed.   We put two coats of Scotchguard on them and we hope they'll last a long time.

Click to see the whole picture.

But that's only the beginning for Tarwathie this week.  Tomorrow we leave for Oriental.  On Friday we go up on the hard at the Sailcraft Boatyard.  Tarwathie will get the full spa treatment.  She'll have her bottom washed, scraped, polished and painted,  her flanks cleaned and waxed, and her cutlass bearing replaced.  After that she should be a happy girl for quite a while.

We are perhaps behind schedule to be in Rome NY on June 23 for Sara's High School Graduation.  However, we scheduled the yard work this way to avoid being on the water over Memorial Day weekend.   We've learned over the years, that holiday weekend boaters are a menace, and that the worst weekend of all is Memorial Day Weekend.

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