Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Shriners Parade

New Bern, NC
35 05.91 N 077 01.95 W

On Saturday, we went to see the Shriners parade, just a few hundred yards away.   Neither Libby nor I have ever seen a Shriners parade before.  It was a lot of fun.  Actually, it was hard to tell who was having the most fun, The Shriners, the kids watching, or the rest of the spectators.   For the rest of the weekend, the Hilton here is full of Shriners.  I guess they really do pump a lot of money into local economies.

I'm sure you know, Shriners are also a charitable organization dedicated to helping children.  They finance a number of childrens hospitals.  Today though, it appeared to be an organization dedicated to allowing mature white men to wear silly costumes and act immature.  Sure looks like fun to me.

Below is a little slide show I made of the parade.

I somewhat regret never having joined any kind of club. There are Freemasons, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, Moose, Elk, Toastmasters. You name it they got it. But I never paid much attention to them. To my best recollection, neither have any of my friends ever belonged to any such club. The one exception was my friend Kalle in Finland who was active in Jaycees. Now it's probably too late for me; I live a nomadic life style.

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