Monday, June 25, 2012

Look Out World, Here She Comes

Canajoharie, NY
42 54.56 N 074 34.24 W

It was a great family weekend.   Dave and Jenny weren't there, but everyone else was.   Sara graduated with honors from Adirondack High School in Boonville.  Judging from the awards handed out, she had lots of competition.  Now she's ready to take her place in this world as an adult.

Just like at Nick's graduation two years ago, this one started out on the track field under a spendid blue sky.  However, about halfway through handing out the diplomas, an intense thunderstorm suddenly bore down on us.  On the orders of the principal, everyone had to dash for the gymnasium.   The ceremony was finished inside.

After the ceremony, we all retired to Sara's home where we had a daylong party.   It was great fun.

Sara surrounded by her siblings.
Sara has always been good at art.  However, when we got do see what she's done in 12th grade, we were stunned.  Her creations are amazing (no bias there).  See the slide show of 8 of her paintings below, or look at them individually here.

These family get togethers are important for Libby and I.  Of course, part of the price we pay for choosing the cruising life.  We have less frequent contact with family.  Most of our cruising friends do better at that than we do.  Many of them fly "home" for Christmas.   Our budget is too limited for that.

I must admit that family contact is an important factor in our choice to cruise the US East Coast.   If we ranged further, we would have still less contact.   In 2005, we realized that if we traversed the Panama Canal, that we would be sailing around the world and would probably have no family contacts for five years.  That was too much.

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