Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man Oh Man, The Nostalgia

Scotia, NY
42.83 N 073.96 W

The first couple of times up the Erie, we stopped here in Scotia.  Then the free docks disappeared for a few years making it impossible for us to stop for a visit.  Much to our delight, newer bigger better city docks appeared this year.  What a treat.  Below is a picture of us at the docks.

You see, we lived in Scotia 1968-1980, just a few blocks from where we're docked today.  That makes it home ground.  Below is a picture I took this morning of our old house.

1980-1983 we lived across the river a few blocks away in the other direction in Schenectady's Stockade section.  Below is a picture I took this morning of that old home.  I also worked, ate and shopped, in downtown Schenectady for 21 years -- half of my professional life.

This morning I walked around Scotia and biked around downtown Schenectady.  Man what a rush of nostalgia that brought.  When you recognize every building, every place of business, and can associate one or several memories with them, that's powerful stuff.  Even when the businesses are new, I know what business was there before, and the one before that.

We have begun to acquire that kind of familiarity-in-depth with Vergennes, Oriental, Elizabeth City, New Bern, Vero Beach and Marathon.  However,  the roots go much deeper here.

I'm sure that in the future we'll find excuses to visit Scotia again and again.

By the way, thank you to the Scotia Fire Department for building the wonderful new dock facilities.


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