Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mast Up Tomorrow

Whitehall, NY
43 32.74 N 073 23.81 W

Our overnight spot at Lock 8, rural and arty.
Today we are at the place where the road signs say this.
Libby prepared 15 pounds of Pine Needles.

Libby is very organized with her needles.  She dries them, trims them, aligns them, bags them and labels the bags by date and location where they were gathered.   She can now choose from several shades of brown and green to color her baskets.

Fifteen pounds of prepared needles are enough to make 60-75 baskets.  They could also be sold for $1 per ounce on Ebay, making them worth 240 dollars as a commodity.

Tomorrow, is a working day.  We'll put the mast back up at Chipman Point.  Lots of work but well worth it.

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  1. Did Libby have to twist your arm again this year ??? LOL

    Bill Kelleher


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