Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Big Day

Vergennes, VT
44 10.17 N 073 15.48 W

Wednesday was the big day for Jenny's library project. For those who don't remember, Jen and her friend Christian partnered and bought an old library building from the city of Winooski, Vermont. Their goal was to convert it to a single family dwelling.

Wesnesday was the climax of their project.

  • The house is complete.  Jen's blog chronicles the gradual transformation of the past year, here.   It started as a moldy old concrete shell.  Now it is an ultra modern urban living space.   Winooski is in boom times, and there may be lots of yuppies around there who would like to have a place for their family and still walk to work.
  • The house is listed for sale here.  You can see a nice slide show there with pictures.
  • Vermont's Seven Days Newspaper did an article on the house, following up on another article they did last year.  The new article says nice things.  See it here.
  • Jen and Christian hosted a cocktail party at the new house tonight.  Of course they invited the local mucky mucks and prospective buyers.  Jen said that they had over 100 people attend, and that it was a big success.  (We stayed away to let Jen do her thing without having to attend to visiting parents at the same time.)
Of course we're very proud of Jen, and happy for her.  Their project involved an incredible amount of work and poor Jen has been stretched very thin for months.

Kudos Jennifer.

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