Friday, October 05, 2012

A Sailboat Once Again

Kingston NY

41 55.12 N 073 57.89 W


Ah, it feels good to be a sailboat once again. The picture shows Tarwathie today at about noon with the mast up. We departed the boat yard at 1330 and we reached this anchorage 5 minutes after sunset. Not bad.

It didn't come easy though. It was a greuling days work. Well sleep well tonight and we will feel the aches tomorrow. Despite having done this a dozen or more times before, I screwed it up. When the mast came vertical hanging from the crane, the bundle of ropes and wires did not sort themselves out. Instead, they formed a snarl 30 feet above our heads. Eventually, we got it sorted out. What a mess!

I continued working as Libby navigated us 20 miles to Kingston. A few more hours of that tomorrow, and we will be nearly shipshape again.

Tomorrow, we will try the longest Hudson leg down to Haverstraw Bay. I should start looking for a weather window right now but we are tired and hungry --- tomorrow will do.

Considering how deep we were in trouble two weeks ago, we've come a long way.

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