Thursday, October 11, 2012


North Carolina Visitors Center
36 30.41 N 076 21.35 W
I was surprised to find the following in my inbox today.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Thank You George Washington": 

While your're at the NC Visitors Center please remove your graffiti from the benches.    Please don't spoil it for the rest of us. 
Posted by Anonymous to Dick and Libby's Tarwathie Cruising Log at 10/11/2012 7:20 AM
Here's the back story.   In Marathon, they started a cool tradition.  They have multiple signposts where cruisers can hang their personal signs.   It has become part of the local culture. Indeed, our friend Dick DeGrasse used a photo of the signposts on the cover of his new book Short Stories.  You can even see Tarwathie's sign above Dick's Head.

I thought it would be cool to spread that to all our favorite cruising spots. If others did it too, it would be fun to see the names of friends who had passed that way.  We bought a dozen oval stickers saying Tarwathie Was Here.   We haven't done well in placing them; I keep forgetting to place the stickers until after we depart.  After three years of visits to all 12 places, we only placed 5 of the stickers.

At this Visitor's Center last year, I had a hard time finding a suitable out of the way place to put a sticker.  I finally put it on a park bench near the water. It never occurred to me that anyone would view those stickers as graffiti or react negatively.  I apologize to Anonymous and others who may be offended.  The sticker on the bench is gone.

On a lighter note.  I normally don't re-post news items in this blog, but I'll make an exception today because this one is too rich to forego.

The Emperor's New Tone - ""A local teen's horseback riding lesson ended abruptly after she was hit in the head by a foot-long hunk of raw chicken that fell out of a cloudless sky," the Daily Times of Salisbury, Md., reports from Assawoman, Va. (yes, that's a real place):

Fortunately, what hit Cassie Bernard was the smallest of three or more poultry parts that rained down on Queen Hive Farm around 6 p.m. Wednesday as owner Jennifer Cording was giving a lesson to a group of advanced students while several parents looked on.

"Three objects fell out of the sky in front of us, two larger and one quite small," Cording said.
The chicken is falling! The chicken is falling! It reminds us of a children's story--you remember, the one about the wolf who cried boy."


  1. Hey Dick, of course the guy posted anonymously. Disregard anything posted by someone who won't put their name to their words. If he was really aghast by your sticker, he would have removed it himself.

  2. Too true... Hey Dick and Libby, we took a side trip to Edenton, NC. It's a wonderful place to visit. Yes it is a days travel out of the way, but we think it's a great side trip...

  3. I too think that you took Anonomous way too seriously and unfortunately, he/she took himself/herself even more "way too seriously." They need to get a life. You guys are an inspiration to a lot of us who at this point in our lives can only cruise vicariously along with you. Thanks again for your blog postings and the honesty and openness with which you describe your days, both good and bad. Not many people could have or would have posted like you did on your trip down the coast.

    Jim McCrea


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