Saturday, October 13, 2012

Elizabeth City Rocks

Abemarle Sound
36 04.66 N 076 00.80 W

As always, Elizabeth City was a pleasure.  We went to a Rose Buddies wine&cheese party sponsored by the CofC and Steve, the former mayor.  We showered, we laundried, we took in some local color.

Here's a charming illustration of how niece Elizabeth City is.  On Friday afternoon, the police started barricading the downtown streets and Eringhouse, the main commercial thoroughfare. I thought it must be preparations for a parade so I sought out a city truck to ask about it.  The man in the truck said, "No, it is not a parade.  There is a Ghost Walk tour going on tonight and i those people over there in the cemetery are listening for the sounds of ghost voices.  They can't hear the voices over the noise of traffic."  Can you imagine Mayor Bloomberg of NYC closing Times Square to make it easy to hear ghost voices?  In NYC and any other city we know, no, but in Elizabeth City, yet.

We left there this morning, headed down the ICW toward Oriental and New Bern.   Our plans for the near future are all in a tizzy.  We'll keep you posted.
Maybe no Internet, no blog on Sunday.

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