Saturday, October 20, 2012

Local Delight

New Bern, NC

We haven't seen amateur theater for a while, so when I spotted a play bill today I bought some tickets for Friday's performance of "Bugsy Malone" .    Libby and I walked 4 blocks to the Masonic Theater, and waited for the show to start.

Surprise!  It was indeed amateur theater, but the cast was entirely comprised of children age 6-16.   What a delight!  This was not like a school play; it was much better. What a great job these kids did; they are already on the road to being professional thespians!  What fun it must have been for those young girls to dress up as 1920's flappers and strut their stuff!

The River Towne Players, is a local institution.

We had a great time.  Throughout the show, I kept thinking of our youngest granddaughters Victoria and Katelyn.  Boy would they have had fun being a part of something like that.

Unfortunately I could not take pictures during the show.  Below is a picture I snagged from their web site.

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