Monday, October 29, 2012

Mystery solved

New Bern, NC

Wow! I'm amazed at the encyclopedia like knowledge of my readers. See below.

[regarding the mystery object in the photo from my previous post]

It is the 1 and 1/2" outlet that comes with a Y valve for a holding tank. It is the same brand that I have on my boat. I don't remember the brand but they come with a 2" and a 1 1/2". Hope This Helps
Bruce S/V Mosquito Coast
Bruce is exactly right. I did indeed buy a new Y-valve this year.


By the way, most of the rain and wind for Hurricane Sandy have subsided. The surge of about 4 feet also subsided. Our thoughts now are for those poor people to the north of us.

On the news this morning, the HMS Bounty, a three masted sailing ship sunk off Hatteras. Recue operations are under way. The question I and other boaters have is what the heck was it doing out there? We al had plenty of warning.



  1. Re: Bounty... it seems they were sailing on a schedule. The Bounty was enroute from New London, CT to West Palm Beach, Florida.

    This is from the captain's Facebook page...

    "Rest assured that the Bounty is safe and in very capable hands.
    Bounty's current voyage is a calculated decision...NOT AT ALL... irresponsible or with a lack of foresight as some have suggested. The fact of the matter is... A SHIP IS SAFER AT SEA THAN IN PORT!"

  2. A ship such as a naval vessel probably is safer at sea, but one the likes of the Bounty may or may not be. It is probably always true, however, that the crew of a ship is always safer ashore during a violent storm. The decision seems to have been based on the safety of the vessel, not of the crew.


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