Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Backup Plans

Zebulon, NC

I got this message today. "I don't like the new blog format. Has anyone else commented? Merry Christmas, Terri" I haven't changed anything, and neither has blogger.com, but either Google or Apple changed the default for iPads. iPads used to view the web version of this blog meant for PCs, but now they show the mobile version of the blog meant for phones. Could it be the iPad Mini that is the reason for the change?

If you have the problem on your iPad, there is a link at the bottom of the page called "View Web Version"

Anyhow, Terri's message reminds me of something that has worried me for a long time -- the fragility of free services like Blogger and even Google. They could disappear overnight without warning. If that happened, how would you readers and I reconnect on a new hosting site?

I've written before about backup plans while cruising. Well, for this cruiser blogging is an essential part of my cruising. I need to worry about the security of blogging too.

Over the years, I've carefully kept the address and the format of this blog invariant so as to maintain continuity with long term users. I also carefully make a backup copy of this blog's entire archive every month or so. If needed, I could make a new blog somewhere, and migrate the archives to that place, but I could not hold the address constant. How therefore, could you find the address of the new blog?

One way would be to send me an email to dickandlibbymills at gmail dot com. But that begs the question. If Google vanished, both blogger.com and gmail.com would vanish also. It is probably not prudent to post my phone number here, but foolishly or not, it is already there in the blog archive. 5182560889

I toyed with the idea of registering my own domain, then using it to redirect to wherever my blog is posted. I didn't do that because many of you already bookmarked dickandlibby.blogspot.com

I could get a second email account with some other provider, then publish that email address here on the blog. But to be effective, that would force you to bookmark that email address in a third place. Ditto for my phone number. Neither is a really good backup solution.

Here is my best try at a foolproof method to reconnect. If this blog, and gmail and my phone number vanish, I promise to try to start a new blog someplace. On your part, just remember dickandlibby. After a month or two, use dickandlibby as a search term in your favorite search engine or in twitter . It should locate wherever we are on the web.

I'll welcome any suggestions for better ways.


  1. If you just composed this post on "Libby's IPAD" it reads terrible on the web when viewed with a real browser, Chrome running on a real windows 7 computer.

    More fall out from the Apple / Google wars?

  2. Wordpress has free and paid options. And nice iPad themes. Blogger changed CSS based on browser id Wordpress can do the same.


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