Monday, January 21, 2013

Away from the Boat

Zebulon, NC

We are spending two weeks away from the boat.  In part we are house/dog sitting as Dave & Cathy take off for a weeks vacation.   As usual, when away from the boat my blogging activities are much reduced.

Below you'll find a post called Frajectives.  It is a piece I wrote that I'm particularly proud of.  I think it is good writing.   But alas, I submitted it to the NY Times with no reply.  I submitted it to the Washington Post and they rejected it.

Obviously, I'm fond of writing.  At the same time, I'm put off by the hassles of getting something published.   I don't mind rejections but I get really frosted at the usual result of no reply at all.  I'm also impatient.  I wrote a neat article suitable for boating magazines recently and sent it in.  I was shocked to find, for example, that Cruising World is fully booked for 2013 and that the delay to get published is closer to 18 months.  Some of what I wrote would be seriously dated by than.  

So, I guess I'll stick more with this blog.  It suits me better, and I hope that it entertains a few people out there.

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  1. You're a great writer, Dick. But those mags are inundated with submissions. I had stuff published in Cruising World when I knew the editor, Herb McCormick, but never tried again once he got the boot.

    Good Old Boat is often looking for articles, as are smaller mags like All At Sea Southeast. If you just want to write and don't care about compensation, there's With your knowledge and experience, you'd be a great resource for them.


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