Friday, February 01, 2013

A Plug

New Bern, NC

As you know, we are sitting this winter out in New Bern. Therefore, this blog has less fresh news of living The Cruising Life. However, our friends Jeff and Wendy aboard the W32 Calypso, are not only cruising but they started their own blog, and it is very entertaining. I recommend it. You can see their blog by clicking on Calypso in the right margin here (scroll down a little), or by clicking here.

I especially liked their story and good seamanship protecting a girl in the water. Read the post Lake Worth Anchorage here.

By the way, Calypso is doing something we never did. They are traveling from Miami to Marathon on the Bay side. There are lots of interesting paces to visit that way. However, we always believed that iy was too shallow for a W32 to make it there without running aground. They haven't made it yet. We will follow their blog with interest.

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