Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amazing Genes

Zebulon, NC

Im happy to report that Libby is much better.   I'm also totally surprised.

You see, with her getting this illness one week after me, the experience was very fresh in my mind. I could see her symptoms progress hour-by-hour.   They seemed to mimic mine exactly.  Therefore I extrapolated to the end and assumed that the rest of her episode would match mine.  Not true.  On Monday morning, she seemed be completely free of the virus.   That is 24 hours faster than my experience.  Also, her recovery seems to be more complete than mine.  My head is still stuffed 10 days after my so-called recovery.  Her's is much better than mine.

Should I attribute it to Libby's superior genes?   Why not? I'm particularly fond of Libby's genes after all.  They and I have been getting along for more than 50 years, so far.


  1. This only proves what I've told my wife for years. Men get much, much sicker than women, and so men should be coddled and babied when they get sick.

    In the old days, a woman would be out plowing the field behind an ox, stop to have a baby in the shade of a tree, and then go out and finish plowing the field.

    I don't know what's wrong with today's women.

    PS. Don't show this to my wife.

  2. Glad to read you are both feeling better.This should put a smile on your face:



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