Sunday, February 17, 2013


Zebulon, NC

Last week, I was down with the flu.  Libby and I both had flu shots, but they are only 50% effective for seniors.   It was awful.  I can't remember ever being so sick in many decades.  But finally, this week it tapered off.  I'm still congested, but better every day.

The bad news is that on Thursday this week, Libby began with a slightly sore throat; the same symptom I started with.  Oh no!!!  That's right, she has the same thing, roughly one week behind me. It has also been many decades since Libby was really sick, and neither of us is as young as we once were.

Then things went from the frying pan into the fire, I head that this weekend forecast called for snow and miserable weather in NC.  That was too much.   I packed Libby in the car and drove to Dave and Cathy's house.   I can nurse Libby back to health better in a warm house with a regular bed.   So here we are.   We are grateful to have that alternative.  Thank you Cathy and Dave.

The bad news is that Libby had a very miserable night last night.  The good news is that a week ago I had a similarly bad night, but that was the worst of the flu.  Today she's feeling better.

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  1. Pam and I were in Savannah yesterday. It was 39 degrees, but a few snow flakes were floating around! This morning it was 32 here in Brunswick. You and Libby should try wintering down here, Dick.


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