Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trial Run

New Bern, NC


We went camping last night at Flanders Beach not far from here. Our goatpl was to try our all our newly purchased camping gear and to build lists of things needed with us on the trip and things better left behind.

It was fun. We especially liked hearing song birds and the night sounds of the forest again. Living on a boat one hears only the sea birds, dolphins and the sound of the waves. One surprise, the ever present sound of crickets heard in the northeast was missing. In the middle of the night I heard coyotes nearby. I don't like them.

I do like mourning doves. We also liked it that we chose to camp on the same day that the leaves bloomed on the trees. On Tuesday the trees were bare. On Wednesday, most had tiny leaves.

We have a double high air mattress to sleep on. We kept rolling off during the night. I'll try forcing more air in next time.

Overall, it was a success. I asked Libby, "Are you ready for five months of this?" She said, "Sure." Libby is a real sport.


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