Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wayfarers Cove

Minnesott Beach, NC


We're out of New Bern! It felt very good to have Tarwathie on the move yesterday.


Wayfarers Cove will be Tarwathie's summer home. Dave of Dawson Creek Boatworks will undertake refinishing our decks while we are gone. I'll blog about that when the job is complete.

For now, Libby and I have to focus on the remaining chores needed to prepare the boat for the work, and prepare her for being left alone all summer. We've never been away from the boat for an extended period before, so much of this is new to us. Our friend Jeff agreed to check on her once in a while over the summer.

I plan to leave the fridge empty but tuned on all summer powered by the solar panels.

There may be some delay in hauling the boat out. Therefore, we may go up to Zebulon for a while and I can drive back for the haul out.

As a marina/boatyard this place seems very nice. It is a beautification location. We re entertained by very many song birds. The facilities are good, the people are friendly. What's not to like?



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