Sunday, May 19, 2013

Go East

San Diego, California

We had a great weekend here with our grandson Bobby.   Bobby and I spent hours peering into every corner of the aircraft carrier, USS Miday.    We went out in the evening (San Diego streets are really alive at night.)  We saw the latest Star Trek movie.   Today we were joined by our friends Walt and Jessica.  The five of us went to a Sicilian street festival.   Bobby has a very neat apartment right in the heart of downtown.  Despite being country folks, Libby and I really enjoyed the city life for a couple of days.

So, what next?  The Pacific Coast Highway is appealing.  We have a very nice invitation from our friend Jay to sail on a W32 in San Francisco Bay.   To tell the truth though, I'm too chicken to drive through Los Angles or San Francisco.   We'll backtrack a big and return to the Laguna Mountain Recreation areas tomorrow to spend a few days.  That was our favorite of all the places we've seen so far.

Below is a semi accurate picture of our track so far from Google Maps.   Google says it was 3,200 miles, but I think we did about 3,500 miles (5600 km).   The best part is that we still have 4 months to play with.


  1. you are passing a great opportunity that may not present itself again. LA isnt that bad...just hold your nose and drive...San Francisco is easy. you will probably want to drive up through wine country and then continue north taking in the sights. if you do decide to go may I suggest touring Heart Castle...I think it is worth the price of admission.

  2. If you're on the road for another 4 months, you should consider checking out Lake Superior and North Channel/Georgian bay shores to get a tast of the sailing opportunities. Lots of wilderness, parks, camping and hiking trails.

  3. Dick: the drive up highway 5 is easy north of the "grape vine" - but if you take the coastal roads up to Santa Barbara then head inland north -- then out to Monterey and up the coast to SF and points north you will not be disappointed. "LA is fine most the time" according to Neal Diamond!

    See you soon...


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