Thursday, May 16, 2013


Cleveland National Forest, California


We plan to spend several days in San Diego. Well visit with Bobby, and also our friends Walt and Jessica. Libby had an interesting suggestion. Perhaps we could cross the border and visit Tijuana, to buy some medical supplies. Maybe Bobby would even be interested.

A disadvantage of the nomadic life is that it is impractical to have a regular doctor. Neither of us has a relationship with a doctor. We have no prescriptions. That is a disadvantage once in a while when we would like to have so etching. Antibiotics when we have infections is the most frequent desire, but we don't know of the name of any specific antibiotic.

We do have some anti malarial pills for the Bahamas, but other than that we have nothing on board.

What do readers advise? Should we go? If so, what medicines should we acquire just to have on board for general purposes? Can we get there without our car?

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