Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Palo Dura Canyon

Palo Dura Canyon, Texas

34 56.33 N 101 38.43 W


Well, we are still far from The Grand Canyon, but here in Texas there is a reasonable facsimile. Of course, it. Is only 1000 feet deep and 100 miles long, but there is a major advantage. We can drive our car to the bottom where our camp site is. We're too old for strenuous canyon wall hikes, so this fits well.


We also had to buy a bigger tent. Our first tent was 7x7 feet and our air mattress is only 6x4x1.5, so it sounded big enough. But I didn't recon on the slope. 1.5 feet up from the ground it is only 5.5x5.5 wide. We were too cramped. Our new tent is 10x8x6, quite a bit bigger.

Yesterday, Libby remarked that Oklahoma seemed pretty lush and green in the spring. 100 miles later it was bone dry. I thought that the climate change was big for only 100 miles. Then I checked the altitudes. Aha! Oklahoma City is 1200 feet MSL, while the Texas border is 3100 MSL and the canyon rim here is 3600 MSL.


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  1. The panhandle has always been a dry place. It can be very cold in the winter. Back many years ago I learned to fly in Amarillo. High Plains Soaring Society out of Paladuro Airport. A dirt 2300'strip. I forgot all about the Canyon. If you do get a chance take the north route west from there. Dalhart over to Clayton New Mexico. Capulin Mountain park is one of the best vantage points to see the high plains. On good days you will see the Rockies with snow caps lasting year round. There is free camping along the Cimarron River. The elevation continues to climb to the west. Also good camping at Red River. Eagle Nest Lake State Park use to be very nice. In a valley with mountains all around. Just be ready for cool nights.
    On the southern route west from Amarillo you will get mostly high desert with some small mountain views. You will get lots of that in western NM and Az. Ken


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