Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunset Crater

Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona

35 22.329 N 111 34.363 W

We had a wonderful visit with John and Mary Ann. Thank you very much.

On Sunday we took a side trip to Payson. We remembered it from 25 years ago, when we drove through there on a quiet country road and found a quaint village. This time, the road had become a four lane divided highway and the village is an affluent retirement community. TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET.

We looked harder though and found the village of Gisela, population 500. Those 500 people have a huge and beautiful valley all to themselves. There is no through highway. We sought some Indian ruins, but we never did find them. What we did find was a clear creek a d swimming holes. The holes were full with squealing children having fun. The surroundings were also full of older children playing with their all terrain vehicles. It was a bit of Arizona culture that most tourists never see.

Last night and tonight we are staying in a camp site at the bad of the Sunset Crater Volcano. We walk on cinders and we are surrounded by collapsed lava tubes. It is a magical world. We had other plans for today, but I think we'll just explore this area instead.

The altitude here is 7200 feet, so the climate is cool and comfortable.

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