Saturday, June 15, 2013

Travel Note

By the way as we travel, we have been receiving news from back East. If we stuck to our normal cruising schedule this year, we would be somewhere on the New York State Canal System right now.

The news is that it has been raining in Biblical proportions in New York. Most of The Erie Canal and The Champlain Canal are closed due to high water.

Worse, there is another big rain storm heading for the Catskills this weekend. In preparation for that, the canal has removed the gates and is draining the canal and the river to make room for the anticipated flood of water that will come down Schoharie Creek. I got a notice from the canal corporation that any vessel between locks 8-15 might find themselves aground, or even high and dry temporarily. The temporary grounding would end suddenly when the flash flood from the creek arrives.

Yikes! Those conditions could sink a boat as seaworthy as a Westsail! We should be grateful that we are not there right now.



  1. Sounds like you need to move her to the west coast for some better weather at lease:)


  2. Dick and Libby,

    We met in Marathon a few years ago when Dick was kind enough to teach me how to use our new SSB. I just stumbled across your blog because we were in Waterford when the canals were closed. I was looking for information on the Champlain Canal and your blog came up in a google search. So good to see you guys doing so well. We took a camping trip out west last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This year we are doing the down east loop if the weather lets us. All our best to you and hope you have a safe journey.

    Scott and Jeanie Lee
    Joie de Vivre
    Whitby 42


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