Friday, July 12, 2013

Written In Stone

South Burlington, Vermont

I have been working on editing the pictures of our western trip. It's a massive job because there are ~3000 of them! When I'm done, I'll extract a 100 image slideshow, the best of the pictures and I'll post that online.

A memorable highlight of the trip was Capitol Reef National Park. It is centered on The Waterpocket Fold, which we toured 125 on a dirt road. The geology is not only beautiful, but scientifically interesting. In an effort to understand the geology myself, and to find aerial pictures of the fold, I came across the Written In Stone blog by Doctor Jack Share. It is a wonderful blog with many great pictures and explanations of the associated geology. Rather than me explain it, I recommend that you simply visit Written In Stone yourself.

Two posts in particular attracted my attention. They center on an aerial flight Doctor Stone took in the Colorado, Utah, Arizona region. Lots of fun. Read these posts part 1 here and part 2 here.

Aerial view of Fruita, in Capitol Reef. A favorite spot of ours. Posted with permission of

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