Saturday, November 30, 2013

My New Charriot

Vero Beach, Florida

The weather looks best if we leave Monday.  Meanwhile, I thought I would show my new chariot.

A bicycle is essential cruising equipment.  Actually, two bikes.  But alas, Libby is missing some discs between her vertebra and she can't stand riding a bike.  Too bad; we miss the chance to do side explorations together.

The new bike is our third since we started cruising in 2005.  The first was a nice Dahon folding bike complete with a canvas case that was a gift from our kids.  Unfortunately, it rusted away to nothing after 3-4 years.  The second was Walmart's cheapest.  It lasted 3-4 years, and was pretty rusty and rickety when it was stolen in New Bern.  

Bikes would last longer if we could store them below decks when under way.  We don't have room for that, so they get sprayed with salt water.

I coated the new bike with Shellac, on the first day.   That wasn't enough.  Rust spots started showing up after the very first rainy day.   Sigh.   I'll try car wax to slow down the rusting progress.

I actually wanted a woman's bike.  They are much easier to mount and dismount.  But in the store the only woman's bike similar was pink and it had a basket with flower patterns.  This male version has an insulated canvas bag instead of a basket.  The bag is exactly the right size and shape to hold a six pack of beer.

Good news: On the first day after buying this single speed bike, I could not ride it up the 65 foot high bridge.  I had to walk it up to the top of the bridge.  But now, I can ride it up without puffing.  Exercise works!


  1. Don't they make covers for bicycles. That would help protect it from salt, sun and rain. just a thought!!

  2. Very stylish. Not at all utilitarian in appearance. I'm surprised you went for so much flash and sizzle, Dick. Must be the influence of too much time cruising in a car! Have fun.

  3. That means you can buy a 6-pack for a friend, since you don't drink beer. But, the important question is, what about a qt of ice cream, will it fit?


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