Monday, November 25, 2013

Neither Nor

Vero Beach, Florida

Last night it felt chilly so we put a blanket on top of us as we went to bed.  How chilly was it?  72 (22C).

This morning it felt chilly so I put on long pants before going outside at 0600.  How chilly was it?  72 (22C).

What the heck you say.  Have these people's blood thinned that much?  Yes.  Have they become Floridians?  Heck no. Floridians are 2nd only to Californians to being nutty in many respects.

Actually, there would be several advantages to becoming Florida residents.  I have to pay $60 per year for non-resident library cards, and $97 per year each for non-resident fishing licenses.  But we resist that.  We like calling Vermont home and we like our mail going to Jenny.  

We lived in Vermont for 6 years, so are we Vermonters?  Not really.  

We lived in New York much longer, more than 50 years, so are we New Yorkers?  Not really.  

I guess we are 50% Floridian, 50% Vermonters, 50% New Yorkers, 25% North Carolinians, and 5% Maine, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina.

What about politically?   Are we Republican?  No.  Are we Demoncrats?  Hell no.  Are we Conservatives? No.  Libertarians?  Not really; although we think libertarian with a small l.  Even if I was loyal to a party, I would never register to vote that way.  I consider it a big violation of my privacy to have my voter registration be public information.

I lived in Sweden 10 years and was eligible for Swedish citizenship.  I didn't want to do that because I differed from the Swedes on so very many issues.

Are we real cruisers?   We don't cross oceans or circumnavigate, but we do live aboard year round and we move around a lot?  That makes us say 85% cruisers.

We are not religious.  We do not belong to any religion, neither secular humanists, nor atheists.  I hate other people wanting to label us.

I'll admit to being 1) a skeptic and 2) a critical thinker and 3) a prolific blog writer, but that's about all.   But I won't join The Skeptics Society.

Libby?  I won't risk insulting her by saying she's a member of any group at all.  Libby is unique and incomparable.

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  1. Better throw another blanket on that bed for tonight...supposed to be in the 40s. Happy Thanksgiving.


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