Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Dinner Key

Dinner Key, Coconut Grove, FL
25 43.204 N 080 13.549 W

We woke up this morning, well slept and refreshed.   The weather was beautiful with a cloudless sky.   Miami looked beautiful in the light of the rising sun.  In fact I took a picture of Miami from out vantage near Key Biscayne, that could be used for CSI Miami.

But there wasn't a breath of wind.   So what now?   It makes sense to wait before sailing south.   Well, we looked out over the bay.  We were only 3 miles away from Diner Key.   We have never been to Diner Key or to Coconut Grove, but I think every single one of our boating friends have been there.  Why not?  So that's what we did.  Right now we sit on a mooring there.

So what did we find fun to do ashore?   We weren't interested in taking the bus to downtown Miami, so we walked  around.

We found the Cruz Building.  Wow, what an interesting place that is.  We couldn't go inside because it is not open to the public.  It is a venue, used for events like weddings. Below are some pictures that I picked up on the Internet.

We found The Barnacle, a Florida State historical park. That was very nice and very interesting. We learned a lot about life on Biscayne Bay in the years before the railroad came and when the population of the area was measured in the dozens. Below, Libby and I sit on the porch, and the view looking out from the porch.

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  1. Commodore Munro was one of the more interesting characters to cruise the U.S. East Coast. What a sailor and boat designer. I once helped build a replica of his Egret when I volunteered at the NCMM. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Coconut Grove Sailing Club.


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