Monday, December 02, 2013

Fairer Still

Vero Beach, Florida

Obviously, we think that Vero is a nice destination. But it is not the best. The weather over the weekend proved that. It was rainy, damp and chilly here the past fer days, whereas in the keys it was much nicer. That's where we're headed starting today.

Our plan is to motor to Fort Pierce, 10. Miles away, and to go offshore from there. Today sounds like marginal light winds, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's forecasts sound excellent.

In the simplest form of a la, we'll sail nonstop to Marthon in about 48 hours. However, there are several nice places. Where we could pull in for a good night's sleep, so we might do that.

My pactor modem is still not working, so I can't post blogs while at sea. But if we get close enough to shore for a cell phone signal, I can. Actually, that is likely. The prevailing wisdom for sailing from Palm Brach to Miami is to stay close to the beach in 30 feet deep water. That keeps you out of the north flowing currents. Remember that the Gulf Stream is very close to shore there, and even being in the fringes of the Gulf Stream means northerly flowing water.

What will our rewards be for this passage?

  • Much better winter weather. The winter weather in The Keys is noticeably better than mainland Florida, including Miami.
  • Many friends nearby.
  • The cruiser culture in Boot Key Harbor.
  • Our contacts ashore in Marathon.
  • A destination for family to come visit during the winter.
P.s. regrettably, I did not do shopping for Libby's birthday, 12/13, nor Christmas. Shopping in The Keys sucks, so I'll have to shift to online.

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