Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Subtropical Christmas

Boot Key Harbor

First, I have to apologize for letting so much time go between blogs.  The truth is that I joined a local gym and started going there for two hour workouts every morning.  That will surely help me get into shape, and it makes me feel good, but it does have side effects.   After my morning workout, I return to the boat on a high.  Then I eat lunch and lie down for a little rest and -- presto it is dark out.   The workouts leave me drained of energy to do anything else during the day.  I had a deadline for the Westsail newsletter last weekend and missed it.  I completely forgot about blogging.    I'm going to try juggling the schedule to work out late in the day.

But my real topic for today is spending Christmas in the tropics.   The weather this week is perfect.  Cobalt blue skies, moderate temperatures, gentle breezes, and a sun so bright that you must squint your eyes to go outside.  Coconuts floating in the water.  Dolphins and manatees swimming around.  Iguanas everywhere on land.  It sure doesn't look like Christmas, nor feel like Christmas.

Of course, we try.  Businesses in the town are decorated.  We had a parade of boats decorated with Christmas lights; very impressive (but sorry, I can never take night photos from the deck of a boat).  I walk around the past week wearing my Santa hat.  Libby bought a little 12 inch potted tree and decorated it with battery powered lights.  Still, it fails to feel like Christmas.

I think the bottom line is not the weather, it is the absence of small children.  The joy of Christmas for most adults has always been watching the joy of small children.   Oh well.  Last year we had a great Christmas at Dave's house.  John was there with his children, but they are no longer small.  They are nearly adults.  I guess that Libby and I have to wait it out another decade or so until great grandchildren start appearing.

But we still manage to have fun.  Saturday night we went to "Movie night in the park." they showed Jean Shepard's A Christmas Story.  That movie has become an American classic.  We really did enjoy nostalgic Christmas feelings from that.  Even better, all the kids in the audience squealed with delight when little Ralphie found out that he really did get his BB gun present.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we'll go to a pot luck dinner with the other cruisers from the harbor. That too will certainly be fun.

But what about you?   The crew of the sailing vessel Tarwathie wish you a happy (and Christmasy) Christmas.

Movie night in the park.  See Libby waving?


  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for the blog. I enjoy reading your posts. I'm reminded of our time in Boot Key Harbor in 2001 and 2009. Boat is on the hard this winter and we are enjoying a -5F Christmas morning in Northern NY. A lot of people just north of us would sure appreciate a 70 degree day to melt the ice from the recent storm.


  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Paul & Debra
    SV Kelly Nicole

  3. Merry Christmas! Wish I was in Boot Key instead of freezing, dank Rhode Island.

    I am also "of an age" and I find gym workouts difficult to do in the afternoon. My energy level is best in the morning. I find if I skip a day after two workout days and slightly limit the workouts to 30 minutes of cardio and 45-55 minutes of strength training I am not kaput after a workout. Also, I focus on simple stretching for part of the workout which reduces the intensity level a bit. Like you, I like to go full-tilt-boogie in workouts but try to be a little moderate so I am not toast after the workout.

    Happy New Year!


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