Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

Boot Key Harbor


Well, 2013 was a memorable year for us. We did lots of once-in-a-lifetime things in 2013.

The year ended with a New Years celebration onboard Ookpik with our Canadian friends. Even that celebration began adventurously. It was very windy, and we had to make our way upwind a half mile or so. Anyhow, we all got soaked by the spray so we started the party all wet. That is just part of being a boater. Boaters learn that getting wet is just part of everyday life.

Our outboard motor is on the fritz, so we have been rowing. That's fine unless the winds are too strong like last night. Besides the exercise, there are other advantages to rowing our Fatty Knees dinghy. It has higher freeboard than most dinghies. That means that we ride higher and dryer. If we had rowed to last night's party, we would have stayed dry.

Another advantage is that we receive compliments every day from other cruisers who admire how well we row. Libby in particular rows like an Olympic athlete and she attracts attention. Many of them remark that rowing makes more sense than motoring and they wish they could do the same. Unfortunately, most if them have inflatable dinghies which are horrible for rowing.


Our Fatty Knees dinghy is very old, beat up and unattractive, but she rows better than other dinghies. We also use very long oars (7.5 feet) which is another recreation to rowing well.

For several years I have been hoping to find a friend with a one-man racing shell that I could borrow and try out. No connections yet.

2014 holds the potential of being an excellent year. Lets all resolve to enjoy it.


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  1. Dick, you are getting old. Perhaps Libby is getting the looks because she is a hot dish? You better pay attention or some muscle bound twenty something y.o. Swedish masseuse will move in on your turf! Have a great New Year. Ken


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