Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cruisers Helping Cruisers

Boot Key Harbor, Marsthon, Florida


Cruisers helping cruisers. That's a phrase we hear often on the daily VHF cruisers net here in the harbor. It is very true and it contributes greatly to the benevolent community we enjoy down here. All of us, Libby and I included, both offer help and accept help pretty frequently.

Often it is small things like borrowing a tool, or giving someone a yard. A few years ago we ran aground trying to enter this harbor and four people came out in a storm on their dinghies to help us.

Sometimes, it is more than a little help. Recently, a nice woman and a resident of this harbor had her mother fall gravely ill, then die. She was extremely distressed because she didn't have the funds to travel to be with her family. Well, a number of cruisers, including Libby and her friends organized a raffle for the benefit of the woman. The City Marina offered to sell tickets. They raised $930 for the benefit of that woman.

Today, I got a chance to help and be helped at the same time. On the net, I heard of an inflatable kayak for sale for only $35 dollars. That's an extremely good price. I rushed over to the seller's boat right away and bought it. Thirty seconds later another wannabe buyer came along in a canoe. He was disappointed that I got there first. He said that his so was coming to visit today, and he needed the kayak to transport his son to the mooring. So I lent him the kayak I just bought. Cruisers helping cruisers.

I guess it is the same on land. My mother and father found a wonderful neighborhood in Oran, New York where neighbors helped neighbors all the time. Not all neighborhoods are like that. Not all harbors are like this one, but the good will of cruisers helping cruisers applies 90% of the time.



  1. Good points here Dick. I now will feel less guilty for doing what I want and when I want to. (Not that I ever did, mind you). I like your work-work play-play philosophy. It is unfortunate though that for some it is cut short before they get to the play-play part so I guess you have to do some of the playing during the work-work phase!!!

  2. We experienced the "wild west" for about 6 weeks in Boot Key Harbor in 2001. It was a great adventure!
    In 2009 we returned to the city mooring field. It was a different experience and you do receive a number of services for the cost. Some of the freedom and adventure is gone but the organization and services are nice. Change is inevitable and some change is good.


  3. Hi Dick

    Great observation about the contradiction between freedom and safety and the human nature to crave both.

    Whitman said: do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.

    Give my love to Libby. Mat in vt


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