Thursday, February 20, 2014


Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

I have a cold today, but with a difference. It rarely happens in real life, but this time I think I know exactly how I caught it.

Yesterday when checking out at the Publix supermarket in Marathon, I saw the cashier sneeze into his hand, and then pick up my receipt and change and hand them to me. I should have yelled "Keep the change," and fled. But I didn't think fast enough and I accepted the change. Today, I'm paying the price.

It would help avoid these things if businesses trained employees to always sneeze into their elbows. Perhaps alcohol sanitizer could also be kept by each cash register. I don't know what they might do if an open cash drawer is accidentally sneezed on. I suppose that there exist many procedures for these things that I am unaware of.

Jen used to work handling cash in a bank. Poor Jen. I never stopped to think before what a cess pool of germs lurk in cash.


  1. It takes longer than 24 hrs, to develop a cold from a sneeze. But you are right, you should have said no thank you to the receipt. Unfortunately you never know where you picked up the germs. Anything within three feet of breathing space are prime targets for germs. Be well!

  2. Tests show that money is absolutely filthy, even worse than public restroom toilet seats. An article about this, with some humor, can be found at:
    I will never forget a women I used to work with that was constantly licking her fingers before separating bills. Every time she did it I was reminded me of the article I read about the extent of filth carried on bills. She was sick almost all the time. I wonder how much of her health issues were related to that dirty money.


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