Monday, March 24, 2014

Final Leg of This Winter

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

Well, John and Becky have come and gone.  We enjoyed their visit immensely.  It was a special treat to have their company.  We also did a lot of stuff.

  • We started them off Thursday with cocktails and diner in Tarwathie's cockpit as the Keys treated us to one of those great sunsets.
  • On Friday, we visited the Blue Hole on Big Pine Key, we did the tourist thing in Key West up and down Duval street, and we ended the day with a lobster reuben at Keys Fisheries in Marathon as we watched yet another spectacular sunset.
  • On Saturday, Libby went to her Tai Chi class and the rest of us tagged along as visitors.   It was my first time as a visitor to Tai Chi, so it was a treat to see what Libby has been doing for the past few years.  I've never seen Tai Chi being done before.  It is very cool.
  • Then we took Tarwathie out to Sombrero Reef for some snorkeling.  It was an exceptionally calm day so that was nice.   The clear waters and colorful fish at the reef made it lots of fun.   However, despite the calm seas, the strange motion of the boat above the reef led to feelings of sea sickness for some, so we didn't stay long.    As we left, we spotted a four foot barracuda under the boat.  That freaked Becky out. She said, "Thank God I didn't see that thing when I was in the water."

    We returned to Boot Key Harbor.  John and Becky took our dinghy out to Sombrero Beach, which they liked.  We finished the day with diner at The Hurricane.
  • Sunday, after breakfast at The Stuffed Pig, John and Becky left for Miami Beach.  They'll stay there a couple of days.   
Fair winds John & Becky.

For Libby and I, our focus shifts to making preparations for departure, not to mentions plans for where to go upon departure.   No specific time or plans yet.

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  1. I watch the webcam on Boot Key a Harbor off and on. Was wondering what mooring you are tied to?


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