Friday, April 25, 2014

Crusing Tip, Safety Tip

Daytona Beach, Florida
29 06.096 N 080 57.104 W
Well, our dilemma, to wait or not to wait, is resolved. We did not wait. We made 71 miles yesterday from Vero to Titusville. We'll end up somewhere north of Daytona tonight. The weather has been nice, but increasingly hot. That is a reminder to get our asses north.
I'll pass on two excellent tips. Neither tip is mine. I heard them from others. But they are great ones.
First, a safety tip. When riding on dinghies or walking on docks, do not wear a heavy backpack on your back. I do that all the time, with computers and other heavy stuff in the pack. If you fall in the water with the pack, you'll go straight to the bottom like a stone, and you might not survive. Around the water, carry your back in your hand, not on your back.
Second, a cruising trip. In third world places we like to meet local people and to make friends with them. Often they might do great favors for us, and we would like to reciprocate. But how? What gift would be appropriate. A framed picture of the local family is very often a gift greatly appreciated. How do you do that? You need to carry a photo printer on board, plus good quality glossy photo paper, plus ink. You can also stock up on picture frames a the dollar store before departure. It is an inexpensive gift, and not too difficult for you, but that can be of great value to the recipient.

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