Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hate NWS

Clewiston, Florida
26 45.401 N 080 55.218 W
Well, after two excellent nights at Labelle, and two times at the Log Cabin BBQ Restsurant, we decided to leave. Out plan was to go to Moore Haven, spans the night there and cross Lake Okechoobe tomorrow. You see they forecasted thunderstorms this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, and we don't want to be on thst lake during a severe thunderstorm. Part of the plan is to be well past Saint Lucie Inlet before Easter Sunday. That place is on of the worst for holiday boat traffic.
My plan was flawed. The place I thought we could tie up in Moore Haven wasn't there. So, we planned to tie up to a barge. That turned into one of the most frightening experiences we ever had on the boat. I'll blog about it someday, but not today. Anyhow, we were forced to continue another 12 miles to Clewiston and tie up at an expensive marina. I called ahead to reserve a place.
Now for the angry part. Looking st the radar, I could see a huge rainstorm coming from the south, clearly, it would reach us before we reached the dock. There are no safe places to anchor or tie up in the canal we were traversing. So I checked the National Weather Service.
Sure enough, they warned about a severe thiunderstorm, damaging hail, frequent lightning, and strong winds. Damn. We were very exposed, and I couldn't beat the storm, the only thing to do was to be stoic, and not tell Libby about the warnings. In reality. I was very worried.
Well, the storm hit us. It was mild. Just rain, no hail, only a few lightning strokes, and the wind speed dropped from 15 to zero. Those people at NWS are forever overdramticiazing their warnings. I'm sure it is a matter of CYA. They can't get sued for over warning, only for under warning. But it tees us boaters off.

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