Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sailboat Once Again

Chipman Point, Onwell, Vermont
43 47.969 N 073 22.546 W
Oh, it feels so good to be a sailboat once again. The mast is up, the sails are bent and we are ready to sail tomorrow. Hooray!
It was a three person job and Victoria was great help. Thank you Vicky.
This also marks the end of Tarwathie's 2014 northward migration which started April 13 in Boot Key Harbor. As much fun as it is to migrate, the beauty of Lake Champlain and The Keys waters makes arrival at the destination joyful.
We'll be here until at least Labor Day. Nothing ahead but fun for the next 2.5 months. Libby can do gardening at Jen's house. We'll visit Valcour Island, Vergennes, our friends Bob and Carol, and Libby's cousin Jane. We have several friends who promised to come north for a day sail this summer. Good. We love having company.
But first, we have to get past tomorrow. A cold front with thunderstorms will pass. I plan to hole up in Porter Bay, and we should arrive there by 1400, hopefully before the storms. In Porter Bay we can go swimming for the first time since leaving Boot Key Harbor.

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