Monday, June 02, 2014

Ah Thank You Suh

Neuse River, NC
35 03.545 N 076 59.414 W

We departed from New Bern this morning.  After passed the Cunningham Bridge, I called the bridge operator on VHF and said, "Ah thank you suh."   As soon as I said it, I realized what I said.  It was completely natural.  I was not trying to imitate the NC drawl.   Uh oh.  We've been in North Carolina too long.

We are remedying the situation right now.  Today, we hope to visit Ken C who has a new house on the water out near the mouth of the Neuse.  After that, Okracoke, Manteo, Elizabeth City, Dismal Swamp Canal, Norfolk, and out to sea heading for New York City.  We should make Waterford NY in about two weeks.

Actually, if we went out to sea today at Beaufort, we would have a beautiful sail with SW 15-20 for 30 hours.  That would get us past Cape Hatteras, but then the wind will reverse and we'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere.  The longer the passage, the longer the weather window we need.  (By the way, contrast that with blue water sailors who cross oceans.  They get to choose the weather only on their day of departure.  We are definitely not them.)

We have come to be very fond of New Bern.  Like Marathon, and Lake Champlain, we leave it only with a twinge of regret.

Last night we went to a free concert by the North Carolina Symphony.  It was held on the lawn of Tryon Palace.  They played Beethoven's 5th. At the conclusion of the symphony, a fireworks display started.  It was lots of fun. There was a big crowd.  I estimate 8,000 people.   But to be honest, it was nowhere near as fun as the Boston Pops playing the 1812 overture on the banks of the Charles River on July 4 to a crowd of 200,000 people.   That's about the only context where you'll catch me enjoying a big crowd.

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