Sunday, June 29, 2014

Binge Gardening

When people ask Libby what she misses on the boat, her answer is always "gardening." There is precious little place for a plant on Tarwathie, so she can't satisfy her urges on board. Visiting Dave and Jen gives her the opportunity to binge on gardening in their yards.
Yes "binge" is the right word. She is out there at 6 AM. She works until 7 PM with almost no break. She does that 7 days per week. In the picture, you see her at at 6 in the morning light. I'm very happy that she has the chance to satisfy those urges.
Me? What I miss is a Lazy Boy recliner chair. That is something you'll never see on a Westsail, nor in a local library, nor in any marina we know. Sigh.

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  1. Port Lavaca, Tx. They have two in their lounge. Unfortunately they also have a chemical plant and aluminum plant next door. Some days you have to shelter inside due to chemical releases. Some days the dust from the aluminum plant coats your deck with ore dust. Its abrasive as can be. Always wondered how that aluminum dust affects your brain. Ken


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