Saturday, June 28, 2014

Burlington International Airport (BTV)

Burlington International Airport (BTV), Vermont

My heart soars. We have returned to the proposed land.

The other day, while Libby and Vicky played at Jen's house, I spent the day alone in Porter Bay. The tranquility and the beautiful nature were wonderfully refreshing.

Yesterday I continued up the lake alone. It was a totally calm day. The lake surface was like a mirror, showing reflections of the mountain. We (Tarwathie and I) passed into the northern part of the lake filled with cool, clear, clean, sweet, fresh water. We both said a silent "Ah", just like that old man in Ipanema said as the girl walked past. The mountains looksd spectacular.

I felt sorry for a couple we met on a trawler doing The Great Loop. They passed here two days ago in a torrential rain, when visibility would be nearly zero and missed the nicest scenery of the entire loop.
This morning I am at my favorite morning place - BTV airport. At this time of day, there are alomost no people. I have an easy chair, expansive picture windows overseeing airport operations and a spectacular view of The Green Mountains. (Probably the best viewpoint in all of Vermont that is not a mountain top.). I can read the morning news, write a blog post and do my daily session of Leanord Susskind's physics courses, as I drink my coffee. It doesn't get better that this. The picture below is the view as I write this. Note the rocking chairs facing the windows. Mount Mansfield is on the left and Camels Hump on the right. They are the most famous mountains in Vermont.

We can only do this when the winds are not strong because the only anchorage for Tarwathie in Burlington is horribly exposed with a long fetch. When the weather forecast calls for strong winds, we leave here for other sheltered, but delightful, places on the lake.

P.s. Today's Washington Post has a very scary article about North Carolina's outer banks. It said that in 100 years, much of the barrier islands will be under water and that Pamlico Sound will be more like Chesapeake Bay. Yikes! I don't like the sound of that. But of course we won't be here to see it. On yet another way, Libby and I are so fortunate to live in the times and the manner we do. We are very grateful.

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