Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not a Sailboat

Catskill, NY
42 12.651 073 51.381

It always feels cruel to mistreat Tarwathie so badly as to take down the mast.  I would use the word emasculated except that she's a she.   The consolation is that we'll restore her as soon as we get up to Champlain.

The trip up The Hudson was fast.  We got up at 0430 two mornings in a row so as to make use of the long days, and to make best use of the tides.   Tidal currents in the Hudson are swift and one best pay's attention to them.   It paid off.  We made 75 miles on Wednesday, and we made 35 miles today arriving at noon to get the mast taken down.

The weather remained cool and wet both days.  But visibility was good enough that we thoroughly enjoyed the scenery from the GW bridge north.  For tomorrow afternoon they say heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Now we're free to plan the next phases.  I have an invitation to tour the new ISO control room.  We eant to visit John and Mari in West Charlton.  We want to spend a day with my sister Marylyn, and we are going to pick up our granddaughter Victoria to ride with us up to Vermont on the boat.  Whew, that's quite a lot of stuff.   The rules on the NY canals is that you are not supposed to stay more than 48 hours at any one place.   We'll have to do some creative thinking.

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