Monday, July 14, 2014

Rube Goldberg? Could Be Worse

South Burlington, Vermont
See below. This is not a very good picture, but perhaps good enough enough.
Our anchor, Bessie, has a 7/8 inch shackle on the end. Our anchor chain is 5/16. How to connect the two?
Previously I had no good soulution so I just tied a bowline knot in the chain around the 7/8 shackle. That is unconventional, seems insecure, and looks ugly. I needed something better.
Now I have a better solution. The 7/8 shackle links to a 3/4 shackle that links to a 3/8 shackle, that links to the 5/16 chain. Whew. Now I have to add safety wires.


  1. How about taking out one of the shackles and substitute a swivel? That may prevent twisting chain and fowling Bessie!
    Harbormaster Dan

  2. Dick, what is the significance of the words "Rube Goldberg"?
    Chuck Holmes
    Portland, OR


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