Monday, August 04, 2014

Not a Selfie

Shelburne, VT
44 24.412 N 073 14.317 Wt

Tonight is special,  we're going to have onboard visitors.  Bob & Sandra and their dog Mattie are coming by for a couple of days for a visit.   The weather is not the best, but we'll have fun anyhow.

Below,  here's a rare picture.  It's rare because it shows both Libby and I in the dinghy.  Jen took the pic for us.  Thank you Jen.

p.s. We stayed at Jen's house over the weekend.  Winds were light, so I felt safe leaving Tarwathie anchored in Burlington.  The solar panels would keep the batteries charged for us.  When we returned to Tarwathie this morning, the batteries were almost dead (11.9 volts).  Further investigation showed that the thermostat on the refrigerator went beserk.   Everything was frozen, even our bottle of milk and a head of lettuce.

Luckily, there was enough left in the batteries to start the engine, so we recovered.  I'll order a new thermostat today.  Until then, we'll have to turn the fridge on/off by hand to regulate temperature.


  1. Do you always row or do you have a small outboard?

  2. first check that the refer wasnt over stuff ,no air flow at sensor blub can cause that.

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