Sunday, September 07, 2014

Taking Care of Your Stuff

Mechanicville, NY
Some people are very good at taking care of their stuff. Not us. We put a lot of effort into maintaining Tarwathie, but otherwise an objective observer would call us lazy and careless.that applies to nearly everything from computers to clothing.
Case in point, ear buds. I use ear buds every day. I carry them in my pocket. They don't last long. Usually within a few weeks, one ear or the other stops working. I tried expensive buds, paying as much as $25; no better. I tried buds with a sring loaded wind-up reel; no better. I got tired of searching for replacement ear buds when in need and being forced to pay $8-$10 per pair. I found 10 pair for $10 on amazon. You see them below. For me, that's the better solution.
P.s. We rented a car for the weekend, and we are visiting family and friends. Travel resumes next week.

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